Welcome to the Washington Homeland Security Roundtable

Tom Winkowski, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, DHS ICE and former Acting Commissioner, CBP

On July 23, WHSR had the privilege of hosting Tom Winkowski, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, DHS ICE. Mr. Winkowski provided an in-depth account of the DHS cross-component efforts to address the recent arrival of Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) on the Southwest Border. The discussion deepened our understanding of the UAC crisis and provided detailed insight for those in attendance. Mr. Winkowski has an extensive background of working with WHSR in his former role and throughout his career at CBP. We appreciate his partnership with WHSR, insight to industry, and service to DHS!

Innovation Working Group

This Innovation Working Group is the first in-depth Industry engagement program in DHS that pulls in representatives from multiple components across the Department to work side by side with Industry.

The working group consists of Industry Executives and Senior Executives across multiple DHS components including CBP, TSA, USCIS, USCG, S&T, OCPO, DNDO, and PARM. There is also a separate classified working group with NPPD and I&A.

Over a one year period of monthly meetings, Government and Industry will work together to first identify the specific barriers to Innovation. Then they will work to both create and recommend implementation strategies for Innovative solutions, combined with mitigation strategies for the identified barriers. This is very much a Working Group with quarterly deliverables and joint overall guideline recommendations back to DHS.

The kickoff will be hosted by DHS on Thursday, November 13.

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Mr. Charles "Chip" Fulghum, Chief Financial Officer and Budget Director, DHS

Friday, October 17, 2014
Noon until 1:30pm
The Cosmos Club, Crentz Room on the Second Floor (note room change)